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Judge Joe Spurlock II

Judicial Fund

The Spurlock Judicial Fund was created by the late Judge Joe Spurlock in order to ensure that his love of the law continued after his death. The Judge, in his typical fashion, ordered several of his former students to establish the Fund in order to promote judicial independence and democracy through the rule of law.

The Fund is working to ensure that Judge Joe has a living legacy through continued work in Texas and internationally.


You can get involved by participating in our annual CLE, attending the gala, volunteering to mentor, and donating to the fund.

We are working to document that 100s of Spurlockisms and stories, please consider adding your story via our video or written upload.

“Whether studying, practicing, enforcing, making, judging, or teaching the law, I have generally enjoyed the activities I’ve done and the people I’ve met doing so.  A life of service in the law is neither irksome nor tedious; it is ever-changing, providing daily opportunities for personal growth and satisfaction.” – Judge Joe Spurlock II

Your Stories

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