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About Us


Executive Committee

  • Hon. Sharon Diaz

  • Hon. Ganzorig Gombosuren

  • Deegii Jones

  • Hon. Justin Lewis

  • Alex Morrison, Esq.

  • Allison Spurlock

  • Katy Spurlock

  • Matt Toback,Esq. 

  • Hon. Chuck Vanover

  • Hon. William D. Wallace

  • Hon. Matthew Wright

Board of Directors

Coming Soon

Meeting Room

Town Square Community Foundation

Town Square Community Foundation is a community foundation serving rural Central Texas.  The Foundation has agreed to sponsor the Spurlock Judicial Fund has it goes through the IRS tax determination status. All donations received are tax-deductible to the full extent of the law.  Once the Spurlock Judicial Fund is approved by the IRS all funds will be transferred without fees or management costs.

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